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 2018 events

Celebrate Nowroz – the Afghan New Year – Sunday 18 March 2018

This annual event will once again be held at a private historic home 5km from the CBD We will have a delicious Afghan lunch and more – see here

We welcome you all and encourage you to bring your friends. We can guarantee a great day and for us it is an important opportunity for raising much-needed funds for our work in Afghanistan.

 2017 events

Sunday 19th March – Nowroz Luncheon to Celebrate Afghan New Year 1396 

nowroz 2017Another thoroughly enjoyable day was spent at the historic home of our lovely young benefactors,, who once again opened their home to us for the day. Drinks were available and the Afghan gallery restaurant once more supplied delicious food.

The weather kindly donated blue skies and lots of sun, the garden provided lawn, beautiful shady trees, children’s play equipment and some chooks. The house and its beautiful interior was opened  for tours, and guests mingled and enjoyed comfy chairs and browsing around tables displaying items of Afghan crafts and jewellery. An auction of Afghan rugs, a weekend holiday house stay, and gift vouchers drew spirited bidding.

Over 130 people, supporters old and new, attended and $12,000 will go towards our projects in Afghanistan as a result of a wonderful celebration of Nowroz 1396.

 2016 events

15th September Trivia Night

On Thursday, an enjoyable and challenging night was spent, trying to figure out the answers to some curly trivia questions to outscore the other tables.  The event raised about $1400 for the Carpentry Program in Kabul – this will cover the teachers’ salaries and the trainees’ stipends for one month, which is terrific.

Read more about the Carpentry Project in Kabul.

Thanks to all those who attended. If you have any questions, please direct them to info@aado.org.au.

28th July A happy night of Afghan food and music

AADO Afghan gallery

Held at the Afghan Gallery on 28th July, this enjoyable evening was attended by many young people who hadn’t eaten Afghan food before and who were delighted with the cuisine. Most people sat upstairs on cushions in Afghan style, Dr Nouria Salehi spoke of her work and AADO and the money raised from the evening will help our village life skills project.


image of Fred Smith
Fred Smith, the singing diplomat.

Dust of Uruzgan concert

“A night to be remembered”

The Fred Smith “Dust of Uruzgan” concert was a great success.  Fred is an amazing and convincing story teller as well as a great musician who writes powerful and meaningful songs about many things including Afghanistan.

If you missed the concert, view these videos…

Promo Trailer

Dust of Uruzgan

Nowroz 2016

20 March  “A very memorable occasion”

Nowroz 2016 Luncheon Welcome by

We celebrated the Afghan New year 1395 on March 20th by holding a fundraiser luncheon and auction at a beautiful historic home with many old and new friends of AADO.

Not only were we delighted with the venue, the weather, and the turnout, we were also blown away by the generosity and support of old and new friends of AADO.

Through tickets, the auction, donations and other sales on the day, we managed to raise over $10,000 to go towards funding our projects in Afghanistan.

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