Stories from Afghanistan

Life Skills Training

JAMILLA: “My name is Jamila, I am living in Qalai Faiz village of Qarabagh district of Kabul province and I am trainee of life skills program. I am married and have 4 children ( 3 daughter and 1 son ). My husband  died 4 years ago. I was interested on learning from childhood but according to tradition by early marriage I got married and due to could not attend school. Right now I have a bakery and by working in my bakery I can gain income for surviving of me and my family.

While I have heard about life skills program of  AADO ( literacy and tailoring) in my village tried to participate in mentioned course. now I am trainee of this course. It was my dream to be a literate person, now I am literate and can read and write.Mrs. Jamila (1)

I am thankful of AADO for their useful program because AADO reach me to my dream.”

Life Skills Training

ANAHITA is aged 22, single, and burned by a gas balloon explosion. Despite being handicapped she joined AADO’s Life Skills Training course in Saray and achieved very good results.

“My mother died in war and she has a stepmother who does not treat me well.  My father has other children and struggles to support our family.”

Anahita became a very good tailor and works in a group with her other classmates as well as working at home.  She earns a good income for which she is very happy as she can now help her father and enable her only brother (from her own mother) to attend school.  Her brother also helps her sell what she makes at home in a weekly bazaar day of the village. Anahita expressed happiness, appreciation and joy to the organisers of the project.

STT women


Carpentry workshopAtsmatullah’s Story

Atsmatullah was selling cigarettes and collecting scrap metal on the streets of Kabul before he was accepted into AADO’s carpentry project. He couldn’t afford schooling and wanted to help pull his family out of poverty. Afghanistan’s street-working boys are some of the most vulnerable people in the country. Daily they are exposed to extreme risks and dangers in order to provide for their families.

Many children like Atsmatullah have travelled with their families to Kabul from other provinces, forced from their homes by conflict and the loss of a parent, moving to the city in the hopes of finding a job that will put some food on their table. At a time when widespread reconstruction is taking place, skilled tradespeople are urgently needed in Afghanistan. However, few Afghans with technical and trade skills have returned to their country since the defeat of the Taliban in 2002.

According to Atsmatullah, “Everyone likes to help their family to get rid of poverty, and I never dreamed of how I would do this, but now I am learning something from carpentry and going to school. Now it is possible that I could reach that dream.”

Master Science Teacher Training – (MSTT)

A four week MSTT program was held in Sur-e-Pul  in September, 2014. Sar-e-pul city is the center of Sar-e-pul province. Sar-e-pul province has 593 villages. The selected 100 trainees were all from the center of Sar-e-Pul province and district provinces – Balkhab, Saayad, Gosfandi, Sancharak, Sozma qala.

There are 383 schools (86 high schools) and 30 Islamic studies, Teacher Training, and Technical schools as well in Sar-e-pul province. About 136,000 school students are going to schools in Sar-e-pul province which includes 81,600 male and 54,400 female.

Because of conflict in Afghanistan, many of the female teachers were not teaching in the field and had lost many years of their teaching experiences as well as knowledge and understanding in their given field. It was a great opportunity for female science teachers to get the benefit of this Master Science Teacher Training program.

  • The visit of Abdul Ghafoor Dastyar deputy and acting governor of Sar-e-pul province.

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