RocKabul – Melbourne premiere

Rockabul – Inside Afghanistan like you’ve never seen before – a film by Travis Beard, Australian journalist and filmmaker is not to be missed. Travis is a good supporter of AADO and helping us with fundraising.
Wednesday 6th March at ACMI, Fed Square, at 6.30pm  
followed by a Q&A with Travis Beard and Brooke Silcox.
For rock-enthusiasts, this film will highlight the torch bearing strength of music as a global language. For the politically inclined, this film reveals links between the civil-movement in a developing nation and super power foreign policies. For the conflict-junkie, they will experience the haphazardness reality outside the wire. For the inquisitive film-buff this film will open the eyes to a world beyond what they see in the daily news, breaking down misconceptions, barriers and prejudice.
Most importantly for the Afghan audience they will be able to refer to this film, as it shows life as they knew it, in Kabul, Afghanistan.           — Travis Beard
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Emerging in a vacuum left by the US military intervention, District Unknown are Kabul’s first metal band.  Unlike other bands starting out, District Unknown have to contend with Kabul’s unreliable power grid, zero peer bands and some serious safety concerns – from stone throwing to bombings.  Shepherded by an eclectic mix of international ex-pats including  director Travis Beard, the band are quickly on the rise, but as a change to the political situation in Afghanistan looms, things begin to take a turn.

RocKabul is as much a film about a band and a nation at a crossroads as it is a self-reflexive film about an Australian ex-pat creating a music scene in the wake of Taliban control.  RocKabul made its world premiere at the 47thRotterdam Film Festival and was an audience favourite at the Sydney Film Festival.