Year 12 Courses for Girls

In Kabul during June 2022, AADO Executive Director, Nouria Salehi liaised with a group of academics called the Afghanistan Education Support Coalition (AESC) on educating Year 12 girls.  Women can attend University in segregated conditions; but this depends on year 12 graduation— hence the importance of continuing Year 12 for girls.

As a result, AADO is funding a 13 week intensive program for 200 girls at a safe private facility in Kabul with the aim of increasing to 400 girls in a 2nd program. From 10 July to 15 October 2022, girls have been taught 5 key subjects: Chemistry, Maths, Physics, Dari and Pashto, by AESC academics supported by AADO.  This provides capacity for the girls to graduate, enter higher education, perform better in teaching or do other work. They can also better help siblings and other young women.

In line with AADO’s commitment to ensure the safety of primary stakeholders in its projects,
the photo has been modified to protect the identity of persons.

To continue Year 12 Courses for Girls into 2023, AADO needs funding – you can find out more here.