Year 12 Course for Secondary Schoolgirls

Government secondary schools for schoolgirls in Afghanistan have remained closed since August 2021.  AADO Executive Director, Nouria Salehi, determined to redress this in her visit to Kabul in mid 2022, liaising with an Afghanistan Education Support Coalition (AESC) on funding private classes for desperate girls.

As a result, AADO has funded 875 secondary schoolgirls to study Year 12 courses enabling them to graduate and qualify for further study or work. They study an intensive Science (Physics, Chemistry), Maths (Algebra, Trigonometry and Statistics), and English Course (SMEC).

At the end of 2022, when girls were banned from attending even private classes,  AADO funded SMEC shifted to on-line with USBs provided to girls without internet.  Since January 2024 girls have been permitted to attend private classes and near half of the girls now attend classes in AADO’s 5th SMEC round; others with computer access study on-line or via USBs.

The further good news is that with the desperate shortage of qualified medical staff, it was announced in February 2024, that women and girls could study and work at government and private medical institutes including hospitals.

Please help with funds for AADO to continue this vital SMEC program for secondary schoolgirls in Kabul – you can find out more here.

In line with AADO’s commitment to ensure the safety of primary stakeholders in its projects,
the photo has been modified to protect the identity of persons.


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