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May 2017 AADO founder retires from RMH

Dr Nouria Salehi, the founder of AADO, retired from the Royal Melbourne Hospital after a long and distinguished career. Nouria has been in Afghanistan for a month discussing the future of the Master Science Teacher Program with the Ministry of Education and the outlook is positive. Whilst in Kabul, travel was restricted because of security concerns, however Nouria managed to visit villages and their Life Skills Projects. She hopes to spend more time in Afghanistan with staff and to seek funding for ongoing and new programs

Dec 2015  Afghan photo-journalists film acclaimed

The international film about three Afghan photo-journalists in Afghanistan – Frame By Frame – was screened at The Library at Melbourne’s Docklands in December 2015, to wide acclaim. This film will be screened again in Dandenong, to the wider Afghan community.

More disruption in Kabul

The Taliban are making life more difficult in Kabul and provincial areas such as Nangahar. Despite disruption to some of our programs, including loss of power supplies to extensive areas of Kabul, we have used our standby generator to continue our work and have increased our security measures.

















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