About AADO

IMG_0595-crop-smlThe Afghan Australian Development Organisation (AADO) provides education and vocational training in Afghanistan for those with minimal opportunities, particularly women and girls, to develop professional skills thereby fostering sustainable livelihoods.

AADO has a proven track record of high outcome, low cost programs delivered by local project staff who have deep community networks and trusted relationships.

AADO respects Afghan culture and traditions, prides itself on minimising overhead costs and distributing close to 100% of its financial resources directly to development projects. All projects in Afghanistan are managed and run by a local management team and field staff and all funds are sent from Australia and strictly accounted for.  (View AADO Annual Reports).

Since 2002, AADO has implemented numerous projects in Kabul, and numerous provincial centres and rural villages, providing vocational training, basic literacy, in-service teacher training and resources for educational institutions. AADO helps to empower Afghans by providing opportunities to build on science teacher knowledge and skills, provides carpentry training for street boys and works with women and girls in rural communities, to teach them basic literacy and numeracy, health care and vocational training, thereby helping to overcome discrimination and to protect their human rights.



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