What we do

We have worked in Afghanistan since 2002, helping create opportunities for people to achieve their own priorities: earning an income, providing for their families and contributing to their communities.

Women and girls tell us that the training we have provided in literacy, sewing and food production has made a great contribution to their livelihoods and sense of optimism.  Our flagship science teacher education delivered high standard qualifications for almost 5,000 science teachers across Afghanistan.  This results in better teaching, higher school results and increased potential for university entry and employment for young people.

More than 100 teenagers in Kabul who previously had no education are now literate carpenters helping to rebuild Afghanistan, thanks to our training and employment support.

We have a track record of high outcome, low cost programs and close to 100% of our income is spent directly on projects. Small amounts of money go a long way in Afghanistan.

Our efforts are successful because we understand the context, respect the people with whom we work and work carefully and thoughtfully.

We have a fabulous team of skilled staff in Kabul who run our programs and keep our people safe.