Vale Rosemary Marquardt

Rosemary “Rosie” Marquardt, Secretary & Treasurer of AADO and a founding member, died in December 2017.
Rosie was an extraordinary woman of boundless energy with a spectacular toolbox of skills at hand. This was always matched by her deep sense of compassion and such generosity of spirit.
She was a great friend of Afghanistan, its women and their families. Her tireless work for AADO since its formation in 2002 has helped so many Afghans and their communities.
Rosemary will remain a central part of the AADO story and an inspiration always.

Here is what our staff in Kabul said of Rosemary:

Mrs. Rosemary Marquardt was a highly valuable and respected member of our team back in Melbourne and her fellow employees and management are already feeling the effects of her passing here.

Mrs. Rosemary Marquardt was a wonderful colleague who understood the meaning of the word “team.” She was always more focused on the good of the Organization than on her own benefit. She made many great contributions to the Organization and helped it move forward in numerous ways.

Her work here in Kabul will not be forgotten.

We won’t forget Rosemary either.
Sarina Greco
President, AADO