Helping Afghan women in pandemic

Yesterday Afghanistan reported 741 new cases of Covid-19, bringing the total to 16,500. The country is in lock-down and we are very concerned about women in the villages where AADO has worked. They urgently need food supplies and hygiene packs.
We hope our volunteers will soon be able to go into those villages but, in the meantime, we are distributing packs to families in Kabul that are in dire need.
Dr Nouria Salehi has already raised $12,000 from her extended family and close friends to try to get these urgently needed supplies to women. Nouria wishes to thank these wonderful supporters for their generous response to her appeal for donations.
As soon as possible, women in the villages will receive hygiene kits and basic training in infection control. This work is crucial in stopping the spread of Covid-19.
We will keep you posted.
Please donate if you can… every bit counts.