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Literacy and Livelihoods for Village Women

Many women, particularly in remote villages were denied schooling during the Taliban rule and are widows with children.
Our program teaches basic literacy & numeracy, tailoring & embroidery and, so far, 1,300 women in 72 villages have graduated and received a sewing machine to set up their own small business.
For a donation of $100 you could help make a livelihood possible for a woman and her children in the provinces of Afghanistan. [more]
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Master Science Teacher Training Program

In Afghanistan, science education is a very high priority for university entrance. However, few teachers have adequate qualifications for year 12 science. Our 176 hour intensive, train-the-trainer science course currently has 120 science teachers in training.

3,700 have already graduated and have, in turn, trained 16,000 others.

2,400 more Master Science places are needed so students across Afghanistan have tertiary education opportunities. [more]

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donation of $500 would go a long way towards higher qualifications for a science teacher in Afghanistan.

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